XVI century Venetian book on trading practices

“Tariffa perpetua con le ragion fatte per scontro de qualunque mercadante si voglia, che dimostra quanto monta ogni quantit√† de cadauna mercantia ad ogni precio, si a peso come a numero”

Author: MARIANI, Giovanni
Publisher: Francesco Rampazetto, Venice
Publication Date: around 1567

Rare edition of trading guide for small time XVI century Venice trader who cannot yet afford his own warehouse.  The guide was so popular that altogether there was 11 editions in print, however not many copies survived and this book is considered as rare on the market. Printed between 1553 and 1593 by Giovanni Mariani, trader and later in life influential public official occupied with matters related to trade, economy and public debt of Serenissima.

Focuses on actively traded markets of Venice, Dalmatia, Brescia, Bergamo, Milan, Cremona, Mantua, Alexandria, Nicosia and Beirut. Discusses commodities traded on these markets, with emphasis on grain trading, currencies rates, duties and different units of measure.

Pearl in cabinet of every trader



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